The Academy for Gifted Children - P.A.C.E.

School Philosophy

Gifted children need high-powered learning experiences to challenge their minds and ensure intellectual growth and achievement. The greatest satisfaction in life comes to those who know their own potential, who set goals that complement their potential, who strive with all their abilities to reach those goals, and who experience the satisfaction of attaining them.

The Director and Professional Staff of The Academy for Gifted Children believe that the primary function of education is to find and enhance the abilities of each child in order to maximize his or her potential for success. Gifted children have learning abilities that make them unique, and thus require a learning environment specifically designed for their special needs. If an individual is in the top 5% of the population, a "regular" class, with students of varying abilities, cannot provide the level of program required. P.A.C.E. is a private school that is committed to the specialization of gifted children to ensure the development of their unique, outstanding potential.

As a private school complying with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, P.A.C.E. ensures that the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and scientific competence are developed. With appropriate flexible pacing, we encourage all of the children to move as a group, to effectively master these basic skills. All children receive an education commensurate with their needs - a differential education. This means greater depth and breadth of instruction - a more complex approach to learning. The use of broad-based issues and themes allow the children to develop higher level thinking skills.

True learning involves the development of the "whole child". Through policies and practices employed by our carefully selected, nurturing staff, each child receives the mediation, counselling, support and respect required to optimize his or her potential. Our staff accompanies your child down the road to academic excellence at a pace appropriate to his or her needs through the practice of child-stretching NOT "childstressing".